Friday, February 6, 2015

Groom's Wedding Day Checklist

Hello Brides, Grooms, Moms and Friends!

For the groom who is ready to help but just needs to know what to do and when.... here it is!  The Groom's 12 month checklist, courtesy of our friends at Carlson Craft!

Hope this helps!!

Cheers and Have Fun!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

10 Wedding Invitation "Don'ts" - by A Legendary Affair Invitation Studio, Manhattan Beach

Dear Brides, Grooms, Moms and Friends...

We are nearing "Wedding Invitation Season".  This is the time when couples start the ordering process for Spring and Summer weddings.  We hear so much about what you SHOULD DO...that I thought I would "mix it up" and let you know what you should avoid!

 A Legendary Affair Invitation Studio

10 Wedding Invitation “Don’ts”…..

1. Don’t --- make new friends!  When you get engaged, keep a low profile and don’t commit to anyone that they will be an invited guest until you know that you will be able to accommodate them.

2. Don’t --- send Save-the-Dates if you want to keep your guest list down.

3. Don’t --- learn wedding invitation etiquette…unless you are doing your invitations online.  Trust your invitation professional to help you with this and save your time for other items on your list.

4. Don’t --- order invitations too early!  Things can change with your venue, time, guest list number. 4 months prior to your wedding date is optimal.

5. Don’t ---- order invitations too late!  Save yourself stress from the possibility of a necessary re-do and unnecessary express shipping.  4 months prior to your wedding date is optimal.

6. Don’t --- Order too many invitations.  Make sure you are ordering “per household” instead of “per guest”.

7. Don’t --- Order too few invitations.  The first 25 are the most costly because this quantity includes all of the set-up fees.  It is a minimal expense to increase the amount to the next 25, but expensive when you need more and have to start all over with printing costs.

8. Don’t --- Include Bridal Registry information with your wedding invitations.  Instead, include a wedding website that can provide registry information along with other wedding details.

9. Don’t --- Have guests RSVP to an email address to a formal wedding.

10. Don’t --- address your envelopes with labels!  Hand addressing by a calligrapher or someone with beautiful writing is ideal.  Also, your invitation printer may offer printing of your guest addresses in a matching font and ink. 

And --- Don’t forget to have fun along the way!  Cheers!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Thank You Note Etiquette

 Greetings Brides and Grooms!

A Legendary Affair specializes in invitations. Whether your style is creative and fun, formal and traditional, elegant and sophisticated or a variation of styles, colors, and design --- I am always delighted to assist you in finding just the right invitation and just the right words to set the mood for your event. When I receive your etiquette questions, I will share them on my blog, as I am sure that others will benefit from the answers. Here's a question regarding thank you notes...
 Our wedding isn't until the end of February, but we are already starting to receive wedding gifts. I've been seeking out answers online but am finding mixed reviews so I wanted your opinion on thank you notes etiquette.  I'd prefer to send notes as gifts come in; however, some sites recommend sending closer to the date of the wedding. It seems odd to me to wait to send a note for something I received last week ...can you confirm that I may send notes as gifts come in?

Answer: Your instincts are correct! Thank you notes should be sent as soon as possible. For gifts received up to 1 week before the wedding, notes should be sent out within 3 weeks. For gifts that arrive immediately before the wedding or on the wedding day, it is acceptable to send out notes within 4 weeks of receipt. Your note reassures the giver that you have received the gift and that you truly appreciate the time, money and thought spent on your behalf. Remember that the notes you send out before the wedding should be from the two of you - but you should not use your married last name or married monogram until after the wedding takes place.

I welcome your emails with etiquette questions - and will do my best to make the invitation ordering process very easy for you when you come in.  If it's easier for you to shop right at home, take a peek at the great designs in our ONLINE STORE!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Wedding Save the Date Cards - FAQ

Hello Brides, Grooms, Moms and Friends,

By this time of year in Southern California, most weddings for the year have taken place.  Brides are sending out thank you notes, getting their dress preserved, completing paperwork for changing their name, and selecting wedding photos to incorporate into their holiday cards.  (Notice that I included some links that will help if you happen to be one of these happy newlyweds!)

Then, there are engaged couples with wedding plans that are in full swing!

Once you have solidified the location and the date, you can start thinking about sending out Save-the-Date cards.  When I first opened my business in 1996, only a few people did this.  Now, nearly everyone sends out some form of notice to those on their guest list.  A Wedding Planner suggested that if you want to keep your guest list down, don't do this advance notice is sure to encourage a larger turnout.  It is optional, but serves as a courtesy so that guests can plan ahead.

(When you are ready, check out the cute designs found in our ONLINE STORE!)

Here are the most common questions that I answer when helping brides & grooms with their order:

Q: Why do I send them?
A: So that guests, especially those who will need to make travel arrangements to join you, will know that the date and location of your wedding are solid and that they are definitely on the invitation list.

Q: To whom are they sent?
A: Send them to everyone on your list of definite invitees.  If you send them just to those from out-of-town, then your in-town guests might hear about it and think they will may not be invited.

Q: When do I send them? 
A: Anytime from 3 months to a year before your wedding.  Be sure your guest list, date and location are set.
Q: Do they need to match my invitations and wedding "theme"?
A: This is a personal preference.  Some couples are very organized and decisive.  They have their invitations picked out and create a card that perfectly matches.  Others know the colors and style of their wedding and make a selection that coordinates.  Then, there are those who want it to reflect the season or area and have fun with it...without worrying about the formality of the invitation that follows.

Q: Is it a good idea to incorporate an engagement photo into these cards?
A: Once again, it is personal preference.  If guests haven't met either the bride or groom, it is fun for them to see both of you together.  It could be an engagement photo from your photographer, a picture on the day you became engaged, or a fun photo that shows you doing something you enjoy together. 

Q: What information is included?
A: Keep it short and to the point ... Names, Date, City/State, Wedding Website and the phrase, "Invitation to Follow"

Here are samples to show wording and to get your creative juices flowing:

Have fun!  Cheers...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get your Marriage License in Manhattan Beach!

If you are getting married in LA County within the next 90 days, you can set up an appointment and get your Confidential Marriage License at A Legendary Affair in Manhattan Beach, on select Saturdays, by appointment. Simply contact Rosalind Thompson, Marriage License Notary and set up your time. She will provide you with all the details of her specialty service....

What:  Get your Confidential Marriage License in Manhattan Beach
When: Select Saturdays, by appointment
Where: A Legendary Affair - 505 N. Sepulveda Blvd. #10 - Manhattan Beach, CA
How: Call for an appointment - Rosalind Thompson, Marriage License Notary (310) 701-0210

To prepare you will need:

• Drivers Licenses, Birth Certificates or Passports (Bring copies)
• If previously married; final date. If within the past 2 years; final papers.
• Blood test is not required in California
• Knowledge of State or Country (if out of the US) where parents were born
• Spelling of mothers maiden name
• Decision about changing your name
• Certified copies should be ordered at this time. Bring a check that will be sent in with paperwork
• License may be obtained up to 90 days prior to the wedding when getting married in LA County

Bonus: Mention this post and receive a $20 coupon toward preserving your Wedding Gown through A Legendary Affair.

Hope to see you soon!

Cheers and Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding!

Friday, June 13, 2014


You and your groom, mom and/or friends
are invited to join us each month as our showroom comes alive
with fabulous planning events.  We hope to see you often!

Invitations and Event Resource Showroom
505 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 10
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 

Coming up....

Select Saturdays
Rosalind Thompson
Appointment: 310.701.0210


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials for the Gracious Bride

Hello Brides, Moms and Friends!

Happy Spring!!

As always, I love to share the things that brides ask me about here in our Invitation & Event Resource Boutique  ... especially when it helps make the planning journey less stressful so that you can be a gracious and happy bride on your wedding day.

One way you can relax that day is to be prepared for anything and everything that could happen.  You can easily create your own Wedding Day Emergency Kit by gathering together these suggested items and adding specialty items of your own...

-Breath Mints
-Pain Reliever
-Bandages/Blister Protectors

-Sewing Kit
-Double Stick Tape (for keeping clothes in place)
-Instant Hemming Tape
-White Chalk (for covering up spills)
-Clear Nail Polish (for runs)
-Extra Stockings''

-Cotton Swabs
-Lip Balm
-Bobby Pins
-Nail Polish that you are wearing
-Hand Lotion
-Emery Board

I hope this helps!

If you are still shopping for invitations, gifts, favors, jewelry and is a quick link to some favorite online shops!